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Established in 1974, with more than 40 years development, ChangJiang Stainless Steel has become the largest high carbon stainless steel producer in China. Located in Jiangsu Province, it takes one hour from Shanghai. Up to now, it covers an area of 166.5thousand square meters and has about 500 staff. The annual production capability of stainless steel material increased over 50 thousand tons. During these years, we have been concentrated our attention on Improvement of Production Line and Quality of Products. We will continue to offer good service to meet our customers’ requirement. In this way, we could drive the development of stainless steel Industry chain.
Engaged in Ferritic and Martensitic stainless steel, we mainly produce stainless steel strip, plates, bars,cold drawing wire, shaped wire and a large amount of stainless steel forgings. Especially focused on the research of Martensitic stainless steel especially, now the products which contain different carbon content and alloying elements are widely used worldwide.

Stainless steel Production Lines contain EAF、LF、AOD, VD、Electroslag Furnace、continuous bright annealing、forging、hot continuous rolling、Intelligent heat treatment、continuous acid-washing、cold rolling、drawbench etc. We also have complete detection means, such as metallographic examination、spectrum、cupping machine、Rockwell hardness tester、Vickers hardness tester、salt spray test machine、surface roughness tester etc.. All these equipment can make the whole production process under effective control.

High-quality stainless steel products with various specifications, we could meet the demand of clients in different industries, such as special knives, scissors, shears、surgical medical devices、food industry、daily hardware and garden tools ,chemical industry、machinery、chain、measuring tools、appliances、mould、electronic appliances、electronic industry、automobile、nuclear energy、decorative material etc.

According to your individual requirements, we sincerely welcome your long-time cooperation.

Changjiang Stainless Steel-The Pioneer of stainless steel Industry.